In this event, the contenders had to run through a half-pipe chute while avoiding five Gladiators, all holding blocking pads to impede the contender's progress. 25 seconds were given to start. If the contender made it out in time or without being forced out of the chute, they earned 5 points. If they made it out in under 20 seconds, 10 points were awarded.

In the final season of the original series, the event was played with four Gladiators, and the time limits were reduced to 15 seconds for 10 points, and 20 seconds for 5.

For the 2008 revival, the game also underwent a British facelift, with a rule from the UK Series 7 and 8 adopted where the contender earned ten points for making it out in time (30 seconds), which includes crashing through the finish blocks. Should the contender fail to cross the finish block, they earn two points for completing each sector by passing a Gladiator. There are a total of four Gladiators in the Revival. In season 2, the rules remained the same for the Prelims., but changed for the Semis. The Contender must clear the Gauntlet within the time limit to score (5 points under 30 seconds, 10 points under 20 seconds).