The contenders faced two Gladiators, with all attached to bungee cords. Red and blue scoring cylinders were hung from the ceiling of the arena, and the contender's object was to use the bungee cord to run to the cylinder, grab it, and bring it back and deposit it in a bin. The red cylinders were worth 2 (later 1) points, with the blue cylinders worth 3 (later 2), because they were hung higher and further away from the contenders and thus harder to grab.

Season 2 of the revival also has an event called "Snapbacks," but the game is unrelated to this one.

The 2008 version of Snapback (Season 2) is unlike the event of the same name in the original American Gladiator series.[3] In this event, each contender is connected by a bungee cord to a Gladiator, who stands on a platform overlooking the end of a 50-foot (15 m)-long lane. On the sound of a whistle, the contenders race toward red buttons at the end of their lanes while the Gladiators resist by pulling back on their bungee lines. A contender earns 10 points by hitting the red button and launching the Gladiator across the arena with a large glitter bomb exploding behind a launched Gladiator. Markings for 2, 4, 6, and 8 point zones are on the floor near the red button: if the contender is unable to reach the button, they can earn lesser points by having any part of their body in these zones when the 30 second time limit expires.

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